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Cédric Larvoire

In August and September 2014, my wife Eva and I challenged each other to another trip in a country we knew very little about : Kyrgyzstan. Over several weeks, from snowy mountain tops to orange steppes, either on foot or riding horses, we explored various aspects of this fascinating country.

We are now finishing a book about the experience, and it will be composed of one hundred pictures and the stories that happened around them. It will soon be available to purchase either as a digital copy or on print.

"Our expectations, charged with years of fantasies, seemed impossible to fullfill. Maybe for that reason or maybe because we are simply disorganized, we left with no plan in mind. We didn’t buy any map of a specific area, we didn’t study a path that would take us to the most interesting places. Instead, we left with a sturdy tent, good shoes and sleeping bags, a few days of food, an English-Russian mini-dictionary, and the intention to follow advices of the people we would meet there […]

Of course, in reality, that also means that maybe we’d go completely the wrong way, spend a few weeks being lost and come back with nothing but memories of ghost towns and choal factories. Still, we thought it was worth the shot.

Here are a few pictures from the trip :

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